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** Please note:  Background checks are conducted.  Applicants may not have anything greater than a Class B Misdeamenor on record."

Crisis Chaplaincy of Texas is a professional, non-profit a-vocational training organization that recruits, trains, certifies and encourages Christians to consider volunteering in their communities.  Chaplains look beyond the traditional role of a clergy person and are willing to journey with people, right where they are, and demonstrate by word and deed the love of God.

Crisis Chaplaincy of Texas chaplains are trained and professionally competent to provide spiritual counsel and emotional support to anyone who may be experiencing traumatic stressful life situations.  They function as an integral member of the community to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the sick and suffering, the distressed and dying.

Being a team member of the Harris County Sheriff's Department Volunteer Chaplaincy Program is a calling that is also a rewarding experience. I am able to offer the Ministry of Presence to our deputies, support staff and management team as they protect and serve. While on patrol respectfully we share a compassionate heart, listening ear while working alongside some of the finest women and men in the field meeting the needs of our neighbors within the HCSO jurisdiction.  As a chaplain delivering death notifications while serving the Medical Examiners office, I fulfill my calling as one of many faces of compassion in a time of need during bereavement, as we share the news of their loved ones death.  It is with a heart of compassion anchored in prayer that we are able to help them transition adding a personal touch in this often time tragic period of their lives.  Many are called, few are chosen, I am blessed to be both.  Chaplain Gwen Berry

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What is the difference between a Chaplain and a Pastor?  Pastors and chaplains are similar in many respects. Both provide counseling and spiritual ministry to those in need.  Pastors typically are associated with a specific church or parish. Because pastors are paid by their churches, they must satisfy the demands of their congregations.  Chaplains can be employees (or volunteers) of a company or agency and must satisfy the demands of maintaining a low public profile or maintaining a politically correct appearance.  Chaplains are more likely to deal with those in immediate crisis or who have experienced a recent trauma. Many chaplains are trained in crime scene and trauma scene protocols so they can venture into settings that might be off-limits to pastors.

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